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About Us

Dennis Lemmon-Master Craftsman

Dennis Lemmon learned from his father the skills that have been passed down to his two boys. Dennis is a true master craftsman. A log to him is as a blank canvas is to an artist. With his 35 years of experience, no project, whether detailed or simple, is too big or small for Dennis. As a former Marine, he spent time in the Pacific Rim as a diesel mechanic for amphibious vehicles. Dennis also was a pipeline inspector in North Dakota, Louisiana, and Texas. He grew up in Buffalo, New York with a family background in agriculture before making his way to Texas. For fun, Dennis likes to find old pieces of wood, going to antiques shops, collecting, famous relative, Jack Lemmon movies, and being outdoors.


Kathy MacDougall-Project Manager


Kathy MacDougall background is in culinary team management which transitioned perfectly to managing day-to-day operations of Lemmon Custom Design. Kathy has 10 years of experience with stained glass design and fabrication. She is originally from Virginia Beach but made her way to the Hill Country of Texas where her family lives. Kathy loves the beach, gardening, and playing golf.

Davin Lemmon-Lead Engineer 

Davin Lemmon, like his big brother Ian, was also on job-sites and at the shop with his grandfather and father. He not only has woodworking skills, but with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and mathematics from Baylor University, he heads up CAD and the 3D renderings so that clients can better visualize their projects from start to finish. Davin is the workhorse of the team and gets things done. For fun, Davin loves to go fishing, working out, building computers, and playing video games.


Ian Lemmon-Lead Designer


Ian Lemmon grew up following his grandfather and father around the jobsite and shop in Kerrville, Texas. The skills he learned handling wood is ingrained in who he is, but where he really shines is in design. Ian has the uncanny ability to look at a room and know exactly what to do.  He will become best friends with you by the end of your project. Ian loves to get to know you and with his skills as a mixologist, he may make you a drink to celebrate the completion of your new project. Ian received a full ride scholarship to Baylor University where he studied anthropology and finance. For fun he loves playing around at the shop creating new designs, playing video games, and cooking with his wife Emily McAnsh (former star track athlete at Alpena High School).

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